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"We want to make sure every child is given a fighting chance."

         ~ Katie Russell, Noah's Mom



Our Pediatric Stroke Hero

Raising awareness for Pediatric Stroke 

Our Story

Six year old Noah loved life.  He had a passion for exploring and learning how things worked. His curiosity led him on many new adventures which produced a multitude of questions about his discoveries. Noah had a genuinely kind heart that led him to pray for people he didn't know.  


While playing at recess, Noah had a stroke. We never knew this was a possibility - until it became our reality.  Noah suffered many complications due to his stroke and on March 24, 2016, Noah lost his battle and his young life was cut short. 


It has become our lifelong goal to spread awareness about Pediatric Stroke so that every child is given a fighting chance to survive. To many, early diagnosis could mean life or death. Please join us in our "THINK STROKE" campaign! Together we can change the way people view Pediatric Strokes and help save the life of a child you may know. We will forever #RememberNoah and the legacy he left behind.  

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